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Home, Divine Absolute Oneness…

Higher, ever higher I am drifting
into the dark of endless night, framed by the flickering flame of eternal holy light

Destination unknown my soul taken flight

On angel wings of LOVE the spirit flutters and soars
as with myself the butterfly and eagle, I am no longer at war

Looking down from far above, my cherished body and Earth below
Into the soothing comfort of God’s embrace, I surrender, I let go, I flow

My flesh now dissipating into blessed sacred mist
The call to true home, I must heed, all reason gone to resist

Now only in abstract dream I experience all my infinite selves
As gone is all ego, the illusion of the tortured shell

Returned to Infinity, the divine absolute oneness, where again forever I dwell

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Love is always ready to deny itself, to give, sacrifice, just in the measure of its sincerity and intensity. Perfect love is perfect self-forgetfulness. Hence where there is love in a home, unselfishness is the law. Each forgets self and lives for others.

But where there is selfishness it mars joy. One selfish soul will destroy the sweetness of life in any home. It is like an ugly bush in the midst of a garden of flowers. It was selfishness that destroyed the first home and blighted all the loveliness of Paradise; and it has been blighting lovely things in earth’s home ever since. We need to guard against this spirit.” ~ James Russell Miller


LOVE Perception…

LOVE is the key that unlocks the doors of perception and manifestation that sets free our eternal soul from the delusions of forgetting Infinity that we choose to experience.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” ~ William Blake


The Sublime Marriage…

Without LOVE all infinite creation would come undone; LOVE is the tie that eternally binds; the sublime marriage between the beginningless information and the endless dream…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Love is union with somebody, or something, outside oneself, under the condition of retaining the separateness and integrity of one’s own self.” ~ Erich Fromm


Selfless Self LOVE…

LOVE yourself to the point where you remember, your greatest LOVE of self, is the LOVE you share without restraint with all others.

When LOVE is experienced as bliss it is selfless.

When LOVE is experienced as fear it is selfish.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Love” is a that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own…Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy” ~ Robert A. Heinlein


Illusions within Illusions…

Hiding behind a shield of glass, electrons pulsing within, ablaze with sound and color, polluting space and time with images and stories of experiences of life and LOVE not our own, we live vicariously, illusions within illusions, reinforcing the delusion that we and we alone are somehow separate from all creation, in control of it’s systems and processes, that the enlightened remembered spirit knows they are but the caretakers, the preservers, pre-servers of, but not we this version of the dream of man, who believes falsely they are the source, the cause of this experience, this snapshot of life and not the effect, we wallow in our fairy tales known, not allowing ourselves the awareness to embrace that we know not, better to imagine a universe in which we are alone haplessly struggling in vain, than embrace the incomprehensible, unknowable truth of our forever connection, our eternal embrace, with and of the infinite oneness that is. Is this life not glorious fantasy enough, that we must manifest from madness our own, convincing ourselves it is truth?

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.” ~ William Blake

“It will never be possible by pure reason to arrive at some absolute truth.” ~ Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy


More Completley Remembered…

I feel that in truth we do not become more highly evolved, as in truth there is nothing and nowhere to evolve to, only experiences to have; rather we become only more completely remembered, until, with conscious intention, we choose to be completely remembered, re-membered, as the oneness in LOVE with Infinity we are, but had chosen, choose to forget, as we have our experiences of imagined in incompleteness.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin

“I seemed to be upon the verge of comprehension, without the power to comprehend as men, at time, find themselves upon the brink of rememberance, without being able, in the end, to remember.” ~ Edgar Allan Poelight-festivel-201