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The Void of Infinite Potential…

Surrender to the absolute nothingness, the void of infinite potential all illusions of a mind chattering, a body feeling, an ego believing

As the reality of LOVE you Are, Is you, Is All, Is Now, just Be It; you always Were, Are, and will forever Be

You have simply been choosing to play hide and go seek with True Self, LOVE…

Kip Baldwin
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“Nothingness is an absolute infinite potential, not an empty box.” ~ Adyashantiimages

A Rose in Eternal Bloom…

Supremely aware of the reality of LOVE that Is they, that Is All, perspective expands instantaneously to Infinity, fearlessly into the abyss of absolute nothingness, heinous horrific selfishness, transforming to beautiful blissful selfless self-fulllness; a rose blossoming in eternal bloom…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.” ~ Atisato-say-that-i-am-made-in-the-image-of-god-is-to-say-that-love-is-the-reason-for-my-existence-for-quote-1

Start LOVING Other…

If one does not LOVE other, they do not LOVE themselves…

For self is other and other is self, as both are just LOVE, the One, Infinity imagining itself as finite, and many…

So in truth and reality just as LOVE is only imagining itself as other, it just LOVE imagining that it does not LOVE other.

So one does not need to start LOVING other as self, they just need to stop imagining they. LOVE, do not…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“If you love yourself, you love everybody else as you do yourself. As long as you love another person less than you love yourself, you will not really succeed in loving yourself but if you love all alike, including yourself, you will love them as one person and that person is both God and man.” ~ Meister Eckhart

“Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilkelove-for-yourself-is-the-key-to-loving-other-love-begins-with-you-quote-1

LOVE Says…

Ego says, I think therefore I am, doer before Being; this is false

LOVE says, I Am there therefore I think, Being before doer; this is truth

Supreme Source says, LOVE Is beyond Being, beyond I Am; this is Reality…

LOVE is Supreme Source…
LOVE is Reality…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“Beingness, doingness and havingness are like a triangle where each side supports the others. They are not in conflict with each other. They all exist simultaneously. Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: They try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.” ~ Shakti Gawainbe-still-it-takes-no-effort-to-be-still-it-is-utterly-simple-when-your-mind-is-still-you-have-no-quote-1.jpg

Stop Believing Even Slightly…

So long as one holds even the slightest belief they are the body they will never be able to accept, even slightly, the reality of LOVE they Are, true Self Is. Which lies beyond all beliefs, yet, paradoxically is the source of all beliefs. But LOVE itself is not a belief, LOVE Is All Is, is not, and is not either. One must only stop believing they Are what LOVE is not, to Be the LOVE that Is they…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“Every problem emerges from the false belief we are separate from one another, and every answer emerges from the realization we are not.” ~ Marianne WilliamsonRemove-the-Barriers-to-Love.png

Seeing Only LOVE’S Reality…

When one sees with eyes of LOVE they see not the illusion of a you, a me, a them or anything other, but rather they see only the reality of LOVE that Is they, that Is All…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“The story of the Zen Master whose only response was always “Is that so?” shows the good that comes through inner nonresistance to events, that is to say, being at one with what happens. The story of the man whose comment was invariably a laconic “Maybe” illustrates the wisdom of nonjudgment, and the story of the ring points to the fact of impermanence which, when recognized, leads to nonattachment. Nonresistance, nonjudgement, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.” ~ Eckhart Tolleimages

LOVE Just Happens…

The Earth gave rise to man, man did not give rise to the Earth

The solar system gave rise to the Earth, the Earth did not give rise to the solar system

The galaxy gave rise to the solar system, the solar system did not give rise to the galaxy

The universe gave rise to the galaxy, the galaxy did not give rise to the universe

Creation gave rise to the universe, the universe did not give rise to creation

LOVE gave rise to creation, creation did not give rise to LOVE…

And is it just LOVE that gave, gives and is giving rise to LOVE…

In the reality of LOVE there are no things doing anything, all things just happen out of LOVE’S reality; where nothing is the cause of everything…

Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.” ~ Byron Katiei9