You Are LOVE; Deal With It…

I do not know why, if it was by chance or choice and it doesn’t really matter, that our evolutionary path led us to the spirit corrupting delusion, the brainwashing of self into believing the falsehood that we are fearful sinners, born in sin, but in doing so we have manifested with our intention an illusion of hell. If that were truth, it would mean that God created sinners, she did not, she created loving lovers, born of her LOVE and gave them the freewill to perceive of themselves how they choose. We choose our lie, over God’s truth. This lie has put us at odds with nature, life’s process, God’s reality, as the lie reinforces in us the untruth that death is punishment, a taking away of the gift of life and if we are being punished so harshly, then God must be very angry with us, therefore we must be inherently evil, but that is what we are not, not what we are. God is not angry, for God knows not anger; bewilderment I can imagine, but not anger, not now, not ever. As that would mean that we finite being of flesh, could somehow wrong a God that is LOVE without condition and Infinity absolute; that my friends, my brothers and sisters is the extreme of human ego, the height of mortal arrogance. We must awake and remember God’s truth, how God envisioned and envisions us, not as fearful, hateful, sinners, the defilers of paradise, but as her loving, loved children, here to experience and be the caretakers, partakers of God’s infinite Eden, one with all eternally, infinitely, undeniably.

If you tell a child long enough, often enough it is bad, most likely the child will begin to believe they are bad and do bad things, so that their reality reflects that of one being bad. We have told ourselves that we are bad children for quite too long, it is time to remember we are not, we have to believe that or we will continue to act as bad children and ultimately like all bad children our guilt and self loathing with completely and thoroughly overwhelm us and we will destroy ourselves, take our own lives, just as are doing now; one by one, war by war, devastation by devastation.

Wake up mankind, to the truth that you are Imagesoul, that you are LOVE…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“For if there is a sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.” ~ Albert Camus

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