I Believe…

Fear induces murky thinking manifesting delusion and illogical outcomes that are the antithesis to life’s infinite process.

LOVE is clarity of mind remembering and accepting instinctually what is in truth, the design that allows infinite life to prosper, flourish and thrive infinitely.

Human civilization is the product of self told lies emanating from the fearful brains murky thought.

Fear is the storm that disturbs, making brown and muddy the ocean tides.

Love is the calm that restores, revealing the crystal clear sea that is Infinity…

I am a drop, but it takes all drops to create a sea and in sea I am not a lone drop, but a unique part of the sea. 

This is truth; I know this, I remember this… I BELIEVE!

But each unique drop can only know, remember, believe for themselves; in their heart, their center, their source.


just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
For going on four years now I have shared with all who wanted my thoughts and knowings on and of LOVE, so that I feel I am being my part in helping the truth of what we are be remembered and restored. This is not some hippie dippie dream of utopian fantasy, this again is the truth of what we are and what we need to be, if we as a species have hope to continue to be; LOVE is how and what makes nature work, PERIOD!

For if we don’t come to remembering, restoring awakening now, our tools of mass consumption, waste and hoarding will devour all the we once imagined to be humanity and then will follow our weapons of mass destruction to wipe clean the Earth’s palette of this infection we have become. 

We concern ourselves greatly with a virus that will wipe out all man, not realizing we are that virus. 

We are the cannibals devouring all life. The infected, infecting; spreading with each contact like flame to tinder the cancer of consumerism, the magical thinking of Capitalism’s unfettered, unlimited growth. We are the zombies and this our apocalypse.

But who am I to believe?

If not me; perhaps them…

“‘What is wrong the world?’

“Dear Sirs:

I am.

Sincerely Yours,

G. K. Chesterton.’”

Tom Shadyac’s
“I am”


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