Lotus Blossom Hearts

Feeling and believing LOVE brought God’s gentle rains, watering the lotus blossom that it is my heart, the birth place of universes and infinite probabilities from which the true I emerged whole, as the garden of endless abundance sprang to life soft and green between my toes, my dreams of joy, peace and happiness for all becoming real; lotus blossom hearts unfurling before my senses surrounding and interwoven with me, as all remember the beautiful unique souls they eternally are; with the pure unknowable magic of just being once again embraced, now beats lotus blossom hearts in rhythm to LOVE’s blind, silent, still, intention… 

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Logic in all its infinite potential, is the most dangerous of vices. For one can always find some form of logic to justify his action, and rest comfortably in the assurance, that what he did abides by reason. That is why, for us brittle beings, Intention is the only true weapon of peace.” ~ Ilyas KassamImage

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