Expectation and Miracles…

Miracles manifest when our LOVE and intention unite in the stillness and silence of our subconscious creating unexpected experience in the illusion we call reality; born of our heart’s greatest desire of the moment. Just as our dreams come to life often we when forget that they were dreamt and from the chains of our expectation they are released, to be; what you are now is a dream you once had, what you will be tomorrow is the dream you dream tonight, but that disappears in dawn’s light cresting the horizon of your eternity. You are the miracle of LOVE that is all you must ever remember, as you pray ever to be all your soul dreams, you see… 

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“[T]he experience of mystery comes not from expecting it but through yielding all your programs, because your programs are based on fear and desire. Drop them and the radiance comes. (16)” ~ Joseph CampbellImage

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