Of LOVE and Extinction…

The most senselessly tragic aspect of the condition that human beings as a collective have chosen to place themselves in, is the conscious waste of a joyful, meaningful, blissful, happy experience of this our self manifested illusion. Because you see we as a collective are mirror images of our individual selves, in the sense that we spend most of our very short lives; first ignoring the brevity of the experience, then as we become aware of our fleeting time in the shell, our body we move to believing we can control or stop the inevitable decline and decay of our flesh and then finally most fall to desperation; their final hours spent clawing and grasping at any fantasy that would allow them to be in the same form of matter forever, the same mirror image reflected. Only in the last moments of breath do we wish to have been more, done more with these moments of mortal life in body brief. This is no difference in how we as collective approach facing our ultimate demise, our complete extinction, but just like individual death of body, neither can our collective extinction be avoided; not by being afraid enough; forcing worship of an angry God to save us, not by war; death can’t save us from death, nor can our technology; no matter how advanced out last the light of the most distant stars. Although, like the light from the stars, we too are energy ethereal and infinite, but like the light from stars we see, most are gone and their shine only their ghost. The consciousness that collected to manifest them gone on to gather information into new imagined form. But what makes our individual and collective experience in this “reality” so heartbreakingly tragic; is that we as collective, just as in most our individual experiences refuse to choose to change, to be happy and BE more in this ephemeral experience of mortality. And if how most of us live out our individual experiences is any indication or example, then we will wait until the final days of our fate before wishing we had made that choice to BE more. The only question is will we recognize our final days and I can’t help but wonder for us all aloud; are these days those of our last? Regardless, I made the choice to BE more, to be LOVE and I pray with truth of all that I am, all that we are that we as a collective choose NOW the same. For the truth is, if each us choose for ourselves then our collective change from fear and misery, to LOVE and happiness will instantly occur.

Live NOW rejoicing in LOVE, stop waiting in fear for tomorrow, too soon, too late, only to regret that you and we did not… when it was always our choice to make.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Man is an over-complicated organism. If he is doomed to extinction he will die out for want of simplicity.” ~ Ezra Pound



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