Addicted to LOVE…

Addicts warned of the dire consequences of their continued abuse, have two choices; continue on with the behavior that is harming them, their loved ones and their tribe by extension or find their purpose, their reason for life, embracing it with all their heart and soul. If the former is chosen most likely the addict will cease being to this experience of life, but if the latter they choose, their doors of perception will be swung wide and their intention for being will become clear.

We as a species stand at that crossroad of addict choices and we have been warned; now it is up to us to choose to serve our purpose in life’s process or be no more in this experience. This is not a judgement of right or wrong, just an observation, a statement of truth based mankind’s junkie like behavior both present and historical.

LOVE is the only fix I need, what say you my fellow tribe called man; a round on me?

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Negative freedom is freedom from – freedom from oppression, whether it’s a colonial power or addiction to alcohol oppressing you. You need to be freed from negative freedom. Positive freedom is freedom for, freedom to be. And that’s what’s routinely ignored today.” ~ Os GuinnessImage

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