LOVE is Wisdom…

Humanity must to stop deluding itself that the civilization and all the adornments that accompany it, built and manifested upon a foundation of fear is salvageable. When the truth is to become the LOVE it needs to BE to sustain it’s existence in this illusion, it must stop, assess and let go of all but the most basic necessities of being – which there are few. And begin building upon a foundation of LOVE new.

Technology that does not serve all LIFE is not progress; for technology that does not serve all LIFE is born of fearful, controlling ego, not LOVE, making permanent ignorance, refusing evolution to wisdom…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“Folks, it’s time to evolve. That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right?” ~ Bill Hicksinner-wisdom

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