His Reason to Stay…

The knowing of the absolute nature of LOVE and Infinity had for him broken the spell cast by not just this illusion, but all illusions. His only question now; why stay? As he knew he was not real.

Was it because he is truly needed, to help others awake to this knowing or was his feeling of being essential merely another slight of the mind, a trick of the head performed by his ego?

Then he thought; what if others didn’t want to awake? What if they were having exactly the experience they wanted to have, who was he to shake them into unwanted awareness?

He thought on about his own knowing; what if he was wrong about everything in this illusion? But then he thought; even if he were wrong he would rather be wrong in his knowing of the absoluteness of Infinity and LOVE (although in no way could he fathom how that could be) then be right in this illusion of matter continuing on existing in fear, scarcity, pain, suffering, torture, self-loathing and isolation.

Then a voice without sound came to him;

Only those who wish to hear will listen…
Only those who wish to see will look…

Then he remembered a vision he had been given years ago; you can no longer alter the river’s course and if you try to swim upstream you will drown. The best that you can do is flow with the river. Gathering those of light and LOVE along the way, to reconvene at the bottom of the falls where the rebuilding will begin.

With that he decided; yes, for those like he, choosing the truth of light and LOVE, he should stay, it was his purpose; for their experience, he was needed.

And as he looked both inside and outside himself, shaking his spirit like a dirty rug in spring after a long hard winter, his ego was no where to be found; he now understood the message he had been given and the voice he had felt, was born of the infinite oneness that is Soul of all.

just LOVE it whispered; just LOVE…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
“If the infinity of the sea may call out thus, perhaps when a man is growing old, calls come to him, too, from another infinity still darker and more deeply mysterious; and the more he is wearied by life the dearer are those calls to him.” ~ Henryk Sienkiewicz


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