What, Where, Why, How… God?

I asked God; what are you?

God answered, “I am what is…”

I then asked God; what is?

God replied, “All that is, is what is and I am all that is…”

I next asked God; when did you begin?

God responded, “I didn’t…”

I followed that by asking, “Where do you end?”

God said, “I don’t…”

Lastly God I asked; why are you?

God joyfully told me gently this, “I am, all that it is, what, why, where and how, because of LOVE…”

God paused before sharing this final blessing, “And so are you…”

With that my questioning of God ended, my mind satisfied that I would always seek to know more, though never be able in except the slightest to comprehend, but now my heart understood and was full.

In LOVE, with minds remembering and hearts reawakening, we know and understand, creation’s infinite illusion of matter are the eternal experiences of God embodied; I am God, you are God, we are God, all is God.

Note to readers: This explanation of God has nothing what so ever to do with the God limited by religious or scientific dogma.

just LOVE…
“How important the concept of God is, and how instead of valuing what has been given us, we with light hearts spurn it because of absurdities that have been attached to it.” ~ Leo Tolstoy



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