Threads In The Tapestry…

In lucid dream came to him, the Buddha and then the Christ, asking, “If for the moment between the moments may we reside in your heart?” Of course without hesitation he opened his heart wide and let them in; every cell in his body, every strand of DNA, now throbbed with their LOVE. He asked ever so humbly, “Why have you come to me?” In unison, they silently queried in response “Have you not a question for us?” He said, “Yes, yes, I need to know why must there be death?” Again in unison they silently in his heart answered, “There is the experience of illusion of death – you who are we – so that all may come to LOVE, cherish and hold sacred the experience of the illusion of being alive, for without the experience that life could be lost, how would one ever gain the understanding needed to serve their eternal purpose, that is to sacrifice all they are that life’s process, creation’s eternal tapestry may continue to be woven. So in the ultimate truth without death, there would be no life and the infinite tapestry itself would be unwoven and cease to be or more correctly would never have been woven at all.”

With that the Christ and the Buddha dissipated from his heart, though of course, in fact, not gone entirely, for he, they, all are in the absolute of Infinity that is God, one.

He felt now satisfied, as he understood what should have been clear to him all along, “Yes, there was no experience of being alive without death, this was the circle of life, the wheel of being whole, the tapestry of Infinity being woven; the Soul’s divine, blessed reason to be.” But then he wondered to himself, “Why had that understanding not come sooner to him?” The answer that came to his mind was this; the reason for his blindness, his ignorance of this ultimate truth, was that human civilization, as the collective of humanity was now choosing to experience itself, was not helping to weave the tapestry, believing them somehow impossibly to be apart from that which they were and are innate.”

He then mused on, “What happens to those beings, who do not choose to give themselves fully, completely to the weaving of the tapestry?” Came one last silent echo from the Buddha and the Christ in reply to this musing. “Those beings that do not come to understanding of purpose, by allowing their thread to be into the tapestry woven, will cease in the experience of creation to be; their strand removed, like a hanging thread from a sweater, that if not carefully cut, would threaten to unravel the entire garment. Not gone, but returned to the absolute oneness with Infinity. Until perhaps, in the abstract of the absolute one, they choose to be a strand woven and weaving into the tapestry on Infinity once more.”

The Buddha and the Christ echo, then trailed off into the imaginable vastness of eternity…

just LOVE…
“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.” ~ Lao Tzu



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