To Touch One Soul…

The now young man, as a small boy had been taken to Dreamtime by the beings of the Great Star Nation and there they gave him a glimpse of how more highly evolved spirits experience LOVE and life; which was nothing at all like the western culture whose blood pulsed despair and confusion through his veins. He remembered something Walt Whitman had once wrote, “dismiss whatever insults your own soul” and this he thought is why communicating with others born of the culture of conquer and alter for him like talking to spoiled children sitting in a room of toys, while screaming, “Not enough!”. And each time they squawked selfishly, it was a reminder that almost all western civilization was bringing to this experience of being, was insult to not only his soul, but to LOVE and life itself.

He wondered from the brink of despondence. “Why the Star People had given him that glimpse into how the experience of LOVE and life could be?” He had thought at first, it was so that he could share this beautiful truth with his fellow human beings, but so consumed are they by the narcissistic insanity of their addictions to consumption and convenience that the only voices they heard were their own; he felt tired, alone, defeated.

But then again came the voices of the dwellers of the Great Star Nation, “Young man…” they began “Do you not feel that the glimpse we have shown you, that you have shared, has not touched and opened the heart of at least one of your tribe, we call Blind Ego Spirits?” The young man answered, “Yes, I believe that I have touched and opened the heart of least one of my tribe?” Came the star people’s reply, “Then you have accomplished a great feat, for you caused the first domino to fall and though it may be beyond your ability in body to perceive, the other dominoes are are falling as well.” With that they were gone and just as he had all those years before, he woke with a start upon returning from the Dreamtime, as if falling back into the realm of matter.

And though he was sad his family in the stars had left him once more, their words had given him comfort, he could now be happy for he had not failed (as he had believed) to bring enlightenment to the his tribe of human. Their words made him aware also, that he had been being just as selfish and ego driven as rest of the men of the west, for he had not been satisfied to touch just one soul, open just one heart, he had been wanting to collect them all, which made him unable to see the Great Spirit’s wisdom, “To touch one soul, one heart was to touch them all.”

Touch one soul, open one heart, even if it be only one’s own, that is all the experience of LOVE; asks we do.

just LOVE…
“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ~ Ramana Maharshi



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