LOVE in Abundance…

Life, infinite creation ever unfolds, through LOVE’s eternal symbiosis and we wonder why we struggle and suffer so, to feel connected. We shouldn’t, as our chosen, misguided, fear based way is parasitism, the way of the sycophant, only by giving can our gifts of LOVE and life can they be returned, this a truth all the greed mad takers should heed, for eventually if all you do take from others, tearing them asunder, they will have nothing left for you to pillage, nothing else for you to plunder.

If we have faith the day will care for itself, it will, if we don’t it won’t. We can see clearly the results of not; we haven’t and isn’t hasn’t.

Experiencing, life in abundance is not about getting everything we want, but understanding that everything we need to be happy, fulfilled, at peace is provided, provided we share, provided we are grateful, provided we LOVE, more than we take, more than we are heedless, more than we fear.

just LOVE…
“Life in abundance comes only through great love.” ~ Elbert Hubbard


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