The Blessing Of Grief…

A young boy sat on park bench looking across a nearly empty playground, weeping uncontrollably. An angel disguised as old woman had been sitting on the opposite side of the park, just beyond the slide, swings and merry ground, feeding the pigeons watching him. She stood and walked slowly to the young boy, taking a seat on the bench next to him, she beamed with LOVE’s essence, but far too inconsolable was the boy to notice. The old angel lady then asked the boy, “Why do you weep so.” He said to her his voice cracking with the despair of child’s broken heart, “My puppy died, I can’t stop crying, I miss her so. She was my only friend.” The angel reached out her hand, wiping the tears from his cheek, smiling at the boy and then whispered with voice of a choir cherubs singing, “Ah grief, you have been truly blessed this moment my child, to feel the loss of another so deeply.” The boy was confused and for a second his tears began to dry. He then asked the angel, more then just slightly befuddled, “What do you mean blessed? How can this pain, that is ripping my heart from my chest be a blessing? I don’t understand.” His tears beginning to flow again. The angel smiled once more, again wiping his tears, pushing back the hair from his face, so that she could see into the eyes of his very soul, as she began to answer the little boys anguished query, “My innocent little one, of all our feelings of pain, I don’t believe there is any more pure, more beautiful than the feeling of grief, for grief is the feeling of loss of connection to another you have loved deeply and shared many moments with, even though that loss is not real, it feels real. But that deep soul searing pain of loss is there not to make us suffer in vain, but to remind us how deep our eternal connection of LOVE is and that we must cherish one another, hold sacred all life’s experience of our shared moments, as far too soon they are gone, in fact this one has already passed, let us bow our heads and give thanks from our hearts for this moment we just in LOVE shared, like all the moments you shared with your beloved puppy before. But know this too, she is still here with us, as the veil between where she is now and where you are is very thin.” Still confused, the boy lifted his head, but the old angel lady was gone. Just then the boy felt a tap on the shoulder and it was another little boy, in his out stretched hands he held a puppy and he then said, “I saw you crying. My dog just had puppies and we don’t know what to do with them all, but puppies always make me smile, so I thought this one might make you smile too.” The little boy whose eyes had been raining tears of grief, now poured fountains of joy, clutching the puppy tightly to his chest, so that their hearts beat as one. He now understood what the angel lady had said to him, for even though he now knew he would feel the grief of loss again, he also now knew that pain he felt was actually a celebration of the LOVE shared with another, so he need not be lost a moment longer in despair. He knew as well, that angels come in many forms, an old lady with wise words feeding pigeons, a little boy (a new friend) who would share his puppy and puppy who would hug his joyously grieving heart.

Then from the silence came the voice of the angel one last time, “LOVE is as much about being able to let go, as it is holding on. For LOVE is always there, whether the ones we have shared our moments of LOVE with, are still there with us or not. For it has been said and it is true; LOVE never dies….”

just LOVE…
“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.” ~ Leo Tolstoy


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