The Philosopher’s Noble Humble Burden…

The most challenging thing for a philosopher, thinker attempting to share their understanding of the absolute truth that is LOVE, that is Infinity, is that by the time the words of their thinking are even verbally shared with another, much less written and distributed, the thinking they have shared for them is already obsolete, as the philosopher who knows, knows that they ever know not, has already gained a greater understanding of the absolute truth of LOVE and Infinity — there is however this one thing they know always; the edges, borders and dimensions of LOVE and Infinity can never be reached or defined, for such is the nature of THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH they are — experience without end or beginning, the question without answer or point, except to BE how one chooses to BE each moment of BEING eternity — always one step ahead, standing still, the blessed curse of being an understanding thinker, a knowing philosopher — it is the burden of this truth, they nobly, humbly bear, as it is their honor to have been chosen, to choose to BE one with wisdom share.

“LOVE is BEING, as the no thing that is every thing would not BE any thing without LOVE; LOVE is the muse that inspired all that is infinite creation.” ~ The Understanding Thinker, The Knowing Philosopher

just LOVE…
“Poets are the sense, philosophers­­ the intelligence­­ of humanity.” ~ Samuel Beckett

“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.” ~ Epictetus

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?” ~ Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” ~ Hippolyte Taine



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