Our Nationalistic Infection…

As the world debates the fate of the refugees from the wars the profiteers have manifested, it is time we awoke to a common sense truth; we are global citizens! More than that we part and parcel of this living organism called Earth, which is part of an even larger organism called the universe and that the days of borders outlining our nationalistic infection are over. As it makes no more sense to believe that you can divide a living organism like the Earth into individual parts, arrogantly thinking that what goes on in one part has no effect or can escape the effect of what goes on in another part, than it would to have the different organs in your body acting as separate countries and the cells within their countries its citizens alone. Imagine how not alive you would be, if your heart were to unwilling to allow it’s blood to flow freely or your lungs were unwilling to share it’s air without restraint. Or that any organ would suffer damage without causing suffering to the rest of the body. This makes as much common sense as our belief that any part of the world belongs to only one group of people or that what one group of people does in their one part of the Earth does not effect all others in theirs. We must remember if we wish to continue to be, that we are global citizens sharing one life, being the experience of LOVE, there is no more time to settle for less than the absolute truth of this common sense.

just LOVE…
“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” ~ Albert Einstein



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