Beyond Matter…

Evolving in LOVE not only beyond our imagined borders of land, to see ourselves as global citizens, but beyond that, evolving in LOVE beyond the imagined borders of body, of matter, to see ourselves not at all, to be beyond the dual, the duel, to Soul consciousness, pure information, story free flowing, in LOVE with all, Citizen Infinity…

just LOVE…
“Blessed be you, mighty matter, irresistible march of evolution, reality ever newborn; you who, by constantly shattering our mental categories, force us to go ever further and further in our pursuit of the truth.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Hymn of the Universe

“The Hopi, an Indian tribe, have a language as sophisticated as ours, but no tenses for past, present and future. The division does not exist. What does this say about time?
Matter, that thing the most solid and the well-known, which you are holding in your hands and which makes up your body, is now known to be mostly empty space. Empty space and points of light. What does this say about the reality of the world?” ~ Jeanette Winterson5th dimension soul vibration spirit energetic body

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