Shedding The Veil of Flesh…

We must be able to imagine first what we in LOVE we will transition to be the experience of next beyond the experience of finite matter we currently inhabit —

In order to do that we must trust in wisdom of all our combined stores be they of science, of religion and of spirit, for they have within them shared all we need embrace to allow our imagining to transform us —

But this means first and foremost letting go our individual identify, our personal story, the memories and history that have defined us, so that we may experience the reality, beyond the duality of this illusion of struggle for domination —

We will then realize that there was nothing to or that we could control or dominate —

Because so long as we allow this reality we have manifested to dominate us, we will fight rather than embrace the transformation that is peeling the veil of flesh away layer by layer —

Like a snake shedding its skin, only when the veil of flesh is gone it will not be a newly skinned body that we will have, but a Soul inhabited by all —

This experience of our being body does end, the LOVE that is us does never…

just LOVE…


“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”
~ Wayne Dyer


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