A Study of Futility, Stupidity and Ignorance…

Isn’t ironic that even now, as the reality of devastation, gluttony, genocide and conquer it has manifested reaches it long predicted demise, that still the word “success” is used to describe Western Civilization’s, the zombie plague, march toward inevitable cannibalistic annihilation, when it is and always has been our species most insane failing, that is unless this is what it set out from its inception to accomplish, in which case it is indeed a success of the most grand proportions.

Or perhaps it was just easier to be in fear responsible to no one, the path of the lazy — then to choose to be in LOVE where one is responsible to all, the path of the wise.

Witnessed through that lens then, it really isn’t irony at all, as it is neither success or failure, but just plain old fashioned mindless stupidity and willful ignorance.

For to succeed or fail one must have thought a goal to reach or mission to accomplish and for Western Civilization, as far as I in this experience have been able to discern there never has been an ultimate goal or mission contemplated, anymore at least than that of a chicken running about with its head cut off.

just LOVE…
“He was talking about the sign that said ‘THE COMPLICATED FUTILITY OF IGNORANCE.’
‘All knew was that I didn’t want my daughter or anybody’s child to see a message that negative every time she comes into the library,’ he said. ‘And then I found out it was you who was responsible for it.’
‘What’s so negative about it?’ I said.
‘What could be a more negative word than “futility”?’ he said.
‘”Ignorance,”‘ I said.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus



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