Ask THEM; Why?

This is not meant to demonize anyone, but you must know this, the powers that have brought us to the brink of self imposed extinction, are aware of the truth to the catastrophe, havoc their products and systems have wrought and continue to work, even though they are also fully aware of the solutions to the monumental problems they have manifested for all.

So the question we must first ask first ourselves and then them is; Why?

Why continue to be as they are, when it is within their immediate power to first stop the wounding chosen irrational fear and then begin the healing with LOVE’S absolute wisdom?

Is it because they can’t stop so great is their addiction to the illusion of control, that they would see all our children perish by their command, rather than stop?

Or is it because they won’t because this is exactly the experience they wanted, want to have?

And if their answer is the latter, then the question becomes; Why would they want to annihilate us all?

For me, my facade of self personally, I don’t really care, as I know that all this is nothing more than movie, than play, divine theater, none of it real (as I said including myself) just a drama masquerading as man, wearing the mask of flesh and ego, but for most of you this is real and you suffer as if it is so and that breaks the heart of the truth of what I am Soul, LOVE, as I truly, truly, truly LOVE you all more than you can possibly understand or know.

And so for our children’s lives I beg, please, please, please believe in what you are, LOVE and ask them; Why?

While you/we manifest the Utopia, the Paradise, the Heaven of LOVE that is here NOW for you to grasp — you only need remember!

just LOVE…
“I will no longer mutilate and destroy myself in order to find a secret behind the ruins.” ~ Hermann Hesse



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