Anticipating Christmas Morn…

Think back and remember feeling the anticipation of Christmas Morning, your heart filled with glee and wonder, as you eagerly awaited the surprises hidden in silly overly stuffed stocking hanging from mantel pieces above brightly burning fires and beneath pine trees wrapped in seasonally decorated paper. Then think of the disappointment on the Christmas when you snuck and connived to find out in advance what your gifts were; don’t lie we have all done it at least once. What a sad morning, as everyone else was filled and thrilled with real surprise and wonder, you could only pretend, lest your deception be found out, thinking already to Christmas next. Never able to truly enjoy your new toys, because they had already lost their luster before the box was tossed, for in fact their newness never actually was.This however, is exactly how human’s are behaving now, like spoiled children who had to know what was hidden under the Christmas tree before Christmas, believing arrogantly that we have found all gifts LOVE has left us beneath the tree of this Life. Already wanting to know what will be gifted us in Life next. But cheer up, there is still time to enjoy this Christmas Day as most of LOVE’S surprises beneath the tree of this Life have yet to be found. We must hurry though, because the hours of this Christmas Day grow short and these surprises, these gifts beneath tree of this Life must be found if we wish this Christmas Day to be prolonged. So stop shaking the box looking for clues to life next that you can never find, for they can never be known — although I have no doubt that Christmas, Life next will be filled with as many divine surprises and glorious wonders of LOVE, as this. But if not isn’t that all the more reason to cherish and care for this one more? Let us savor this Christmas Day, this experience of Life we are this moment, before like all the days after, all the Christmases before, all that is left of what once was a divine, blessed, glorious experience of being, is a dead dried tree, covered with fake snow and shards of shredded tinsel blowing in a cold winter breeze, laying on the asphalt, beside the curb, waiting for time to turn it to dust and with it, all memory that the day ever was…

just LOVE…
“When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?” ~ G.K. Chesterton



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