Beyond Duality…

The experience of being in flesh hypnotizes and imprisons the spirit with its sensations of agony and ecstasy, confusing and deluding the mind as to what is real, one must push themselves beyond their innate pleasures and pains of the body, if they are to remember their true selves, in bliss, beyond the fantasy of duality, as the Soul of LOVE that is…

just LOVE…
“It’s the fault of course, of our philosophy of life; and our philosophy is the inevitable byproduct of a language that separates in idea what in actual fact is always inseparable. It separates and at the same time it evaluates. One of the abstractions is ‘good,’ and the other is ‘bad.’ Judge not that ye be judged. But the nature of language is such that we can’t help judging. What we need is another set of words. Words that can express the natural togetherness of things. Muco-spiritual, for example, or dermatocharity. Or why not mastonoetic? But translated, of course, out of the indecent obscurity of a learned language into something you could use in everyday speech or even in lyrical poetry. How hard it is, without those still non-existent words, to discuss even so simple and obvious a case as Ruth’s! The best one can do is to flounder about in metaphors. ~ Aldous Huxley Wikipedia: Aldous Huxley
— Genius and the Goddess

“There are neither good nor bad qualities in the Self. The Self is free from all qualities. Qualities pertain to the mind only. It is beyond quality. If there is unity, there will also be duality. The numerical one gives rise to other numbers. The truth is neither one nor two. It is as it is.” ~ Ramana Maharshi



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