The Last Songbird Gone…

O’o a’a singing to his mate for life
Calling, calling, calling to his soul’s love
Awaiting a harmonious reply that will never come
For he is the last; his lover, all he loved gone
Beware it harkens an end near for all lovers
When the last songbird has sung its last LOVE song…

(Kauai’s O’o’ a’a bird pictured is now gone from this experience forever and so to his love song, never to be heard again. Can we if course not changed be far behind?)

just LOVE…
“Nevertheless so profound is our ignorance, and so high our presumption, that we marvel when we hear of the extinction of an organic being; and as we do not see the cause, we invoke cataclysms to desolate the world, or invent laws on the duration of the forms of life!” ~ Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

“Few problems are less recognized, but more important than, the accelerating disappearance of the earth’s biological resources. In pushing other species to extinction, humanity is busy sawing off the limb on which it is perched.” ~ Paul R. EhrlicKauai-Oo-aa-bird


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