Selfish Altruism…

A jaded broken man whiskey bottle in his wrinkled hand came upon a young woman walking the long downtrodden streets of the infamous Tenderloin of San Francisco, California, as she walked she handed out blankets to those in need of warming from the foggy winter chill, to each who took a blanket she also gave hug and a smile before dancing gleefully away. Finally the man walked to the young woman and slurred, “What gives? No one shares nothing without getting something in return. So what’s your con?” The young woman who had been kneeling hugging a poor tired lost soul, stood and turned to him still beaming and said, “Okay you’re on to me I do share only because I get; I get happiness, I get joy, I get fulfillment and it is my daily prayer that everyone remembers their spirits true purpose is to be selfish just like me.” The man still not understanding or believing then said her, his words dripping through intoxicated lips. “You mean to tell no ones paying you or you’re not doing this out the fantasy that in someway you will rewarded in the afterlife for your good deeds here on Earth or you will be saved from some divine retribution?The woman walked to the man, placing her hand on his shoulder and said, “Dearest brother, I see now your confusion, you think Heaven is somewhere, some when else, when it is in truth here and now, always here and now.” She continued, “While giving, as I mentioned before, could be perceived as selfish. it is not martyrdom. I invite you to join me in my acts of selfish empathy and greedy altruism, for the well of happiness, spiritual bliss is infinitely abundant, created ever to be shared.” With that she hugged and kissed him gently on his weather worn cheek, before smiling and disappearing into the throng of the needy, handing out blankets and hugs. The man was then struck by the knowing that while blankets warmed their bodies, it was the hugs that warmed their souls and it is that we cannot touch, LOVE, that truly makes our spirit whole. Tears of joy welled in his eyes, as he dropped his bottle hollow spirits in the trash, before sitting down, on the cold pavement and wrapping his arms around another lost soul who had been waiting to be found.

just LOVE…
“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

“We have so far to go to realize our human potential for compassion, altruism, and love.” ~ Jane Goodall

“Loving others is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Altruism that rewards one’s self.” ~ Allan Lokoselation-altruism


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