Wisdom of the Dove…

There is such a tragic beauty in our seeking,
our ceaseless behind the veil peeking

We search high and low, past and future, in and out,
struggling poignantly, to remember what “IT’S” all about

We make cages of open space and mazes of straight lines,
in vain attempts to know, to control, to define,
while becoming only ever more deaf and blind

For what we seek is not in the fires of a hell below
or shimmering heaven above,
it is in everywhere, everything, all the time,
the answer not hiding we strive to find,
it is love, only love, just love —

To soar on LOVE’S wings, this is the wisdom of the dove…

just LOVE…
“This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.” ~ Rumiwalking-on-the-wings-of-white-doves-1680x1050-wide-wallpapers.net

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