The Want of God…

Many throughout the countless millinea have asked the question beyond age, “What is that God could possibly want or need?” And many have answered, including me, “There is nothing God could want or need for.” But I feel now that we have all been wrong for God wants and needs what we all want and need, “To LOVE and be LOVED.” To fill that want, that need God created from the nothingness of absolute Infinity all that is, all creation. Creating all everything, you and me, to have beings to share all she dreams and imagines the experience of being can be and is. And into each of us God instilled God’s Desire to LOVE and be LOVED and also the feeling of Divine Loneliness that was her sublime inspiration to give birth to infinite life eternal. And to this moment there is no conscious being anywhere, in all eternity that is not driven as God was driven to fantasize imaginary friends for company rather than be without another to see their reflection in. Just ask Tom Hanks and Wilson; we are all castaways seeking companionship, others who will understand us, sharing our dreams and nightmares, sorrows and joys, as we experience endlessly alt that is God’s oasis mirage.

just LOVE…
“How we need another soul to cling to.” ~ Sylvia Plath,img_4786.jpg


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