How Can One? One Can’t!!!

How can one be happy, full of joy when the toxic pool of comfort and convenience in which they swim and float is filled with the blood of the innocent, and not just human blood, but the blood of all other innocent life on Earth?

One can’t, one shouldn’t be able, if LOVE’S truth they have remembered; I know because I have remembered and I can’t. And I won’t until I know that my happiness, my joy is not in anyway predicated on the sorrow and misery of another.

So while I do believe that everything is perfect just as it is, I don’t believe that the reason the poor and suffering choose to be poor and suffering is because it is a lesson they need to learn for their spirit to grow, to evolve. But rather I believe that they chose to come, to be impoverished and mired in seeming grief, to be our greatest teachers of life’s truths that the rest of our spirits may evolve, grow, ascend, transcend.

As while they, to our western minds or western brainwashed minds, seem to from the outside be lacking in wealth and comfort, they are in fact the wealthiest of all. For they are connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky with nothing above or below being enslaved or used so that they may experience the superficial facade of happiness, of joy manifested by the men of west.

No the grateful, the humble, the meek’s happiness and joy is founded in LOVE of life, LOVE of family, LOVE of tribe, LOVE of all humanity and that is something the greedy, gluttonous paws and gaping maw of the capitalist beast cannot steal and or devour.

That is the lesson the poor and seemingly suffering have come here to teach us, the difference between what is of matter and what is of LOVE what in truth matters — what is real, eternal, everlasting and what are the fairy tales of hoarding gold, we of the west have shaped with our misguided intent born of rusted hearts and tarnished stardust.

just LOVE…
“The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” ~ Vaclav HavelChristian-Wallpaper-0106

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