Defining the Undefinable…

If one doesn’t yet know and or yet hasn’t accepted the ultimate truth that LOVE is they, then one hasn’t remembered and or embraced fully the absolute truth that LOVE is all and LOVE’S truth not fully realized, renders LOVE just a word seeking meaning. Most often LOVE, like God, like Infinity are words, bandied about in vain attempts to define the indefinable, to know the unknowable, to answer the unanswerable. I know that I know LOVE because I know can’t and don’t know all that LOVE is. And I accept the truth of my not knowing, as the greatest blessing of all. For in it, my LOVE affair with the unknowable, I have been gifted an eternity to discover and experience all that LOVE endlessly is; but if I were to attempt with my feeble mortal mind to define LOVE in this moment of my human story it would be —

LOVE/Infinity/God: the surrender of the lie ego, to the truth of self…

just LOVE…
“Fear of the unknown makes us slaves of the old.” ~ Nityananda Das, Divine UnionAydınlıktaki-Gölge


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