The Spider Named Extinction…

I LOVE all life, all human life, but I have nothing, nothing but the utmost disdain and contempt for the most recent incarnation of human civilization and its Machiavellian machinations and sociopathic manifestations born of the collective’s ego, greed and fear that has transformed human beings, into human doings. Tangling us all in a web of self deceit so gnarled and twisted that escape from the voracious all consuming jaws and the toxic polluted venom of the spider named self willed extinction is fast becoming nigh impossible…

just LOVE…
“We’ll lose more species of plants and animals between 2000 and 2065 than we’ve lost in the last 65 million years. If we don’t find answers to these problems, we’re gonna be victims of this extinction event that we’re at fault for.” ~ Paul Watson

“He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.” ~ Rabbi Hillelsixth-mass-extinction

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