LOVE is The Sword…

LOVE is the sword that flays my body to bone, laying bare my still beating eternal heart

LOVE too is the healer that stitches and mends the mortal wound making whole my fractured immortal soul

I then pick up once an infinite time more. the sword, placing blade to head, I bow, readied to experience LOVE’S dual again…

just LOVE…
“From “Wetness and Water”

How does a part of the world leave the world?
How can wetness leave water?

Do not try to put out a fire
by throwing on more fire.
Do not wash a wound with blood.

No matter how fast you run,
your shadow more than keeps up.
Sometimes it’s in front.

Only full, overhead sun
diminishes your shadow.

But that shadow has been serving you.
What hurts you blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.”
~ Rumi, The Big Red Bookmaya-8


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