LOVE or Nihilism…

When you can imagine a place that is neither darkness nor light, you will have envisioned the source of LOVE, the birthplace of God, beginning of eternity, starting point of Infinity, but these things that are the same no thing, no place, no time, the same nothing, are unimaginable – The best that any consciously aware BEING can do is just accept what is and in LOVE BE; lest one becomes, as nature is to vacuum abhorring everything, seeking with vain ego to fill the unfillable void that in truth is always full, yet ever empty – This is a quest that will only lead to the bottomless spiraling spirit consuming pit of nihilism; a meaningless, purposeless never ending experience that could only be defined, as hell – So again, the best that any consciously aware being can do is just accept and in LOVE, like God herself, infinitely imagine BEING – Yes my tribe aware, there is a fine line between LOVE and nihilism and having tasted the experience of both I choose LOVE’S infinite fantasies, over the nihilist ultimate yet absolutely pointless reality – And think about this: Why, if there is no meaning or purpose, does the nihilist share their nihilism? Could it be that even the nihilist wants only to not be alone, to BE loved? – Stop asking, why? There is no why. There is only LOVE BEING all or LOVE being nothing at all – You choose LOVE or nihilism…

just LOVE…
“Love is not consolation. It is light.” ~ Friedrich Nietzschetumblr_nfpdbvvVGD1u3wdq2o1_1280


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