I just saw the most truly spiritually stunning musical performance by a twelve year old girl named Grace (of course her name is Grace) singing a brilliant original song on Americas Got Talent, but as soul touching of experience as hearing this crystalline little girl sing was, even more soul inspiring was how the audience reacted; she made them sparkle and they sparkled back to her. It reminded me once again this is what it’s all about that connection unbreakable we all share, that spark of LOVE waiting to be fanned to flame in each of us. And all we must to do for that spark of LOVE to be fanned to flame, this performance painted in LOVE’S blazing light before me, is sparkle at one another. Igniting LOVE’S fire, rather than smothering that smoldering ember with fear’s shadow. Would that be so hard to do, too much to ask; that we just stop for a moment and sparkle at one another? Oh the miracle we would manifest if we did; we would shine brighter than all the stars in the universe together, in fact we would retake our place, at home, as infinite stars amongst the infinite stars…

Let your LOVE sparkle for me, as mine sparkles for you – LOVE’S sparkle tag; you’re it!!!


just LOVE…

“Im happy to sit and be an ear to listen when the world gets wild but Id much prefer to watch the ways your eyes in sparkle in the midst of convincing me why you love the things you do. It gives me hope that someone else out there feels everything with this much depth and has the willingness to create a beautiful life from it.” ~ Nikki Rowe



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