Symptoms of Matter Addiction…

The seven deadly sins have nothing to do with eternal damnation, but rather are meant as cautionary tales against the excesses that are symptoms of the diseased flesh junkie, the rotting matter addict. Self-imprisoned they be in the shadowy opium den that is the illusion of body, of ego; excesses cloud the vision of intuition, blocking them from the truth of immortal soul, the wisdom of impenetrable consciousness, the euphoric bliss of LOVE…

just LOVE…
“His transcendent sense of worth had risen and caught up to him. He did not like the world he lived in, and the people in it. He was just as much a victim as he was a culprit of the seven deadly sins.”
~ Soroosh Shahrivar, The Rise of Shamsthe-7-deadly-sins-are-wealth-without-work-pleasure-without-conscience-knowledge-without-character-mahatma-gandhi


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