To Challenge Our Faith…

Religion preaches we are soul not body, spirituality beseeches we are spirit not flesh, current science teaches we are conscious information not matter and most all believe we must reach for LOVE’S highest ideal if peace, if bliss we hope to realize, but as they preach, beseech, teach, reach most just cheer and applaud like fans at a concert or sporting event these wisdom rememberings, not practitioners of or true believers in. My purpose for BEING seems to be, to challenge us to be faithful to a fault, to those philosophies we say define our beingness and or understanding of our universe; for if only we lived out, what we say we know, an infinite paradise we could, we would instantly manifest…

just LOVE…
“Faith is Hope with a holier name, hope that knows neither deceit nor death. Ah, how wisely do you speak of the philosophy of belief! It is, indeed, the telescope through which the stars grow large upon our gaze.”~ Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer4f9ded9d669fc02246e18531ee579563


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