Like Before LOVE…

One must like one’s self before one can LOVE one’s self and if mankind is truly honest about who, what and how, now they are being, it must be nigh impossible for us to truly like ourselves with the wanton needless devastation that we leave everywhere we pass.

Perhaps now then would be grand time for us to begin giving ourselves a reason to like who, what and how we are being that may be able to, at long last, once more, get on with our loving…

just LOVE…
“This aspect of animated nature, in which man is nothing, has something in it strange and sad….Here, in a fertile country, adorned with eternal verdure, we seek in vain the traces of the power of man; we seem to be transported into a world different from that which gave us birth.” ~ Alexander von Humboldtdreamstime_xl_39138585

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