Tawdry Tales of Rhyming Matter…

For all those who wish to transcend these tawdry tales of rhyming matter, to the sublime stories of spirit ever new, they must only ask themselves; Am I BEING the truth of LOVE I am, free, in service to SOUL or am I being the illusion of fear I am not, enslaved, doing for body? Am I a human being ascending to Infinity, the God me or a human doing stuck, stagnate, repeating in finite flesh?

just LOVE…
“When you open up to the ultimate,
immediately it pours into you.
You are no longer an ordinary human being –
you have transcended.
Your insight has become the
insight of the whole existence.
Now you are no longer separate –
you have found your roots.” ~ Osho

“God is a metaphor for that which transcends
all levels of intellectual thought.
It’s as simple as that.” ~ Joseph Campbell3605714_original


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