LOVE Knows No Borders…

Our global border “problems” are the borders themselves. We are now at a point in our understanding that it should be clear to most thinking, feeling beings, we are innately apart of a functioning ecosystem. A system whose air that moves and waters that flow does not now, nor has it ever recognized the dots and dashes on maps we use to define an imagined your place and my place, but rather is only aware of an OUR space.

This does not mean – as some would have us fear – a loss of a personal preferences of culture, language or faith. In fact quite to the contrary it is those personal preferences that make this story so glorious an experience; imagine if we choose to live it without the burden of judgements of one’s personal preference being better than the others, but I digress. What it does mean is that; we move from the delusion that any one has more right to the resources all life needs to thrive than another.

Our understanding of this is imperative to the survival of the human species, but not of life itself, which will continue merrily on without an us; although probably wondering on occasion, “What all the fuss was about?”. Yes my friends, our border problems, are our borders.

Remember this absolute truth with all our collective hearts and souls and we will understand; LOVE knows no borders…

“No separation of distance; no separation of time; no separation of any kind need lessen compassion.” ~ Zechariah Barrett1002331_402500983204387_1858095267_n

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