My Lakota Blood…

My Great Grandfather’s Lakota blood pumps hard through my veins, a constant reminder from the moment of my birth that with every pulse of my heart, every inhale of breath, I am one with the land, the water, the sky, the universe; one with the Great Spirit itself, the spirit that is LOVE. Wake up all my relations that are man, all you need to BE in peace, in bliss, is within the power of your remembering, what in truth you are; Čhaŋtóčhignake…

Lakota Prayer

Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery,
teach me how to trust
my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and LOVE beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.

“Everything the Power does, it does in a circle.” ~ Lakota Proverb

“The center of the universe is everywhere.” ~ Black Elk1

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