Sensing as LOVE…

As LOVE embodied…

One hears best with ears shut
One sees best with eyes closed
One tastes best with lips pursed
One smells best with nose plugged
One touches best with fingers unfeeling

As LOVE one perceives beyond even the most acute mortal human sense’s ability to sense…

As for LOVE stillness and silence are neither still nor silent; the subtle sublime whispering roar of Infinity imagining creation gently, forcefully unfolding, echoing through out all spaces and times..

And only by sensing as LOVE, with a quiet, calm, peaceful heart can one feel what LOVE feels, can one know what LOVE knows…

“There are choirs singing in your head.
If you listen, you will hear the music.
It is the song of angels.
Pay no attention to the sounds of the world.
They are just noises, and even when
added up all together
they have no value, make no sense.
Strain to hear the song of angels.
Listen to the melody within your soul.”
~ Neale Donald Walschone-step

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