A Tribe Called LOVE…

A glorious morning Tribe called LOVE,
It’s taken me a day to fully process the ramifications of our election. What I want to share with you is this; as wrong as this may feel to a great many of you, let’s not waste our energies protesting against a completely broken and corrupt system founded in fear. Let us instead see this as our collective opportunity to use the energies sourced from the LOVE we are, to seek solutions, not problems, so that we may begin to rebuild our world, community by community.
Turning our backs on the governments that can no longer govern and systems that serve only “the wealthy”, “the powerful”, “the elite.” and who have for generation after generation used terror to divide, manipulate and control the masses.
This is our chance to rise together in LOVE and build sustainable, local economies and ways of LIVING, whose primary business and cultural philosophy can be summed up in three words; helping, sharing and connection.
The power is the people and the people are LOVE! We are the people, we are the LOVE, we are the power! NOW is the time we remember! Now is the time we remind the delusional of stolen power; that we don’t need them, they need us!
Lastly, I am excluding no one from this message including Trump voters, as you are part of the Tribe called LOVE as well and I understand your fear. I understand why you chose what you chose. But know this; you were lied to, preyed upon and when the promises born of fear that were made to you are either broken or have no practical means of being implemented, your Tribe called LOVE will be here waiting for you with open arms. inviting you home, to wholeness, to heal, offering you solutions you may use to rebuild your communities and provide for your LOVED ones, as well.
We can start anew in LOVE! We can collectively manifest the world of our dreams! All we have to do is choose to!
just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
Tribe called LOVE
1 of 7.5 billion

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