Thanking My Pain…

Injury upon injury. illness after illness, heartbreak chasing heartbreak, some self inflicted, some not, but however these agonies came to be, I am remembering more and more with each, to LOVE and honor my pain and the discomfort it represents.

For my pain is only LOVE reminding me that this world of matter is illusion and not one that I should grow to comfortable in or to fond of, as comfort leads to complacency and fondness to addiction. I see my personal pain as mirror representation of the human collective, as it struggles to break free of physical story they are not, but have grown to comfortable in and to fond of.

I feel LOVE imploring me with every ache to be a voice shaking us from our complacency in mortal shell, a hand shattering the looking glass in which our false reflection lurks feeding our addiction. So that those who choose may be free of pain, free of the finite facade of flesh and all the ridiculous absurd madness it manifests.

Our pain is growing and growing, soon it will grow more powerful than the fear that has kept us caged in our perverse mirages of comfort and convenience. I am here to share with all that have ears to hear and eyes to see that once we step beyond our fear of the unknown, LOVE’S unbound blissful freedom is always there waiting infinitely.

Let us give thanks then to our pain for not allowing us to become to complacent, to addicted to these finite fairy tales of duality that in absolute truth we are not…

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding.”
~ Khalil Gibranti-rwyvr

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