The Mystics Journey…

The mystics journey through shadow to light, Infinity from finite, to the beginning of eternal nothingness engulfed in the endless unknowable. Her seeking had led her to accept that she did not now know and nor would she ever know, this truth though had been revealed to her from the heart of Soul, “When “I” is gone returned to the land of never was, one will be whole in LOVE…”

“It’s just because I have picked a little about mystics that I have no use for mystagogues. Real mystics don’t hide mysteries, they reveal them. They set a thing up in broad daylight, and when you’ve seen it it’s still a mystery. But the mystagogues hide a thing in darkness and secrecy, and when you find it, it’s a platitude.” ~ G.K. Chestertontrebuie-sa-ne-concentram-pe-evolutia-noastra-spirituala-nu-pe-individualismul-ego-ului

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