The Choice of Spirit and the Divide Between…

The divide in humanity at this moment is clear; there are those who are choosing to remain trapped, descending further into the delusional tale of fear and death they are not and those who are choosing to be free, ascending to the truth of LOVE and infinite life they are ever a part.

This is not a judgement of rightness or wrongness, good or evil, as these are just choices of experiences to have and stories to play a role in by spirit, but rather this is an observation of what we see transpiring in the world around us, in order to perhaps give clarity to what otherwise seems cartoonishly and inanely insane.

In the midst of the flurry – clarity.
In the midst of the storm – calm.
In the midst of divided interests – certainty.
In the many roads – a certain choice.
~ Mary Anne Radmacher8094deec284fe270d8c23d02cc54ba2c

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