How LOVE to BE…

It does not matter “why” one is, as there in truth is no real answer to “why”, for these experiences we are being are but roles our spirits choose to play in LOVE’s endless tales…

And does it not matter “what” one is or “what” happens to one, as “what” is just the guise one wears in their role or the circumstances that happen to one in role they choose to play…

Nor does it matter “where” one is, for “where” is just the stage, the setting one acts their roles in and upon…

But what does matter is “how” one choose to BE the LOVE one ever is, as one plays out their chosen parts…

Does one play their part of LOVE as fear in all its manifestations of suffering and woe? Or does one play their part of LOVE as LOVE pure, unconditional, bliss overflowing like the innocent euphoria of a long anticipated first kiss; where the breathless moment of joy unbridled seems to last forever…

The choice of “how” one is LOVE is always theirs, to BE before the next now; knowing this is how one becomes truly free…

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~ Charles R. Swindollcwhboi_ukaecclq

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