“I” Had to Die…

All that LOVE-Infinity is, is “I” and “I” am all that LOVE-Infinity is. To be whole again, as LOVE-Infinity the illusion of “I” the duality, an ego apart had to die…

just LOVE…

“Awareness ultimately has no boundaries. It exists in this world but endlessly goes beyond it. The world’s great wisdom traditions all derive from a higher reality that is indescribable but can be experienced. This is the greatest wonder and source of awe. As the ancient Indian sages declare, “This isn’t knowledge that you learn. It’s knowledge that you become.” When you fully absorb this insight, you know what it means to transcend. You don’t need to travel anywhere; all of reality exists in you. You exemplify wholeness because you are united with everything and everyone around you. You exist to demonstrate that human beings can reach the infinite, and by simply being who you are, you help others get there.”
~ Deepak Chopra, The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatnessquote-love-is-the-name-for-our-pursuit-of-wholeness-for-our-desire-to-be-complete-plato-91-47-56

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