Freedom of Choice vs. Freedom of Will…

I was posed the question, “Of whether or not we have freedom of choice?”, but I think before I can answer that question I need to define the foundation from which the question is being pondered. Meaning, who or what is doing the pondering?

What is really being asked, “Is does the illusion of “I” have free will to choose their destiny within any given illusion of which they are apart?”.

Starting with that as the basis for our asking, my answer to question of freedom of choice is twofold. The first part to my answer is; I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, as regardless of whether or not, we have choice or not, what happens, happens, what is, is.

Therefore, our want to feel that we have choice is really only us saying, “I want to have the illusion of control (of which we have none) so that I can feel powerful.”.

The second part to the answer I feel is; if we do have choice it is only in how we choose to be, no matter what happens next, what is next. Meaning, maybe we get to choose before the moment next occurs, how we will respond on a foundational level; do we choose to respond as LOVE or out of fear, regardless of what the next new now puts before us.

Outside of that, as I said; I don’t know if we have freedom of choice, but I do know that it really doesn’t matter. Because, as I also stated previously; what will happen, will happen, what will be, will be – it is only our ego’s want to feel in control of the ever unknowable, that deludes us other.

In summation, to be succinct, I think we confuse freedom of choice, with freedom of will.

Having said all that, how “I” choose to be, no matter what happens next, what is next, what will be next, is LOVE; this is my freedom of will, the freedom to be what “I Am” exercised.

just LOVE…

“You cannot hinder someone’s free will, that’s the first law of the Universe, no matter what the decision.” ~ E.A. Bucchianeri1384443746_4d2f925ba5a2ec217360c65853e8bfab

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