Transformation LOVE…

Do you feel it? Yourself transforming from the third dimension of being, to the fifth – from LOVE as matter, to LOVE as consciousness – from LOVE with limits, to LOVE that is absolute – from LOVE in fragments, to LOVE that is whole – from LOVE as shadow, to LOVE that is neither darkness or light; awaken, it is now time to greet your dawn and say goodbye to your night…

just LOVE…

“Yes, it could be the fifth dimension.
In fact, although many people purport to “understand” love, they confuse it with sex and reproduction. Love is something more spiritual. We don’t understand it, but I suspect it has something to do with the soul (which many physicists also deny, with no support). You know you have a soul; love may simply be the clear perception that someone else has a soul. That’s what it seems like to me.
So here is a wild speculation: the spiritual world does exist physically and it fills the 5th dimension. That’s where our souls are.
If this sounds like gobbledegook to you, I suspect you have fallen for the physics religion, the one that states categorically that if something cannot be measured with a physics instrument, then it doesn’t exist.
That is almost a definition of the physics world, not a theorem that they have proven! People who take that definition as a self-evident conclusion cannot really understand things like spirit, soul, consciousness and love.
I understand physics. I am a physics professor at the University of California at Berkeley. I also understand the spiritual world (but not as well; I am not an expert). I’ve wondered how they interact. Maybe the fifth dimension plays a role.
(Love = perceiving some else’s soul was an important part of my novel.)” ~ Richard Muller, Prof Physics, UCBerkeley, author of “Now—The Physics of Time” (2016)5th-dimension

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