LOVE Everything, I Mean Everything…

LOVE everything, because LOVE is everything, there no thing, nothing, that is not LOVE. LOVE even that which you fear and despise most, as even that is LOVE. Only by LOVING everything can one become whole again, otherwise there will always be some aspect of your self you do not LOVE, because all aspects of LOVE are within you. So if you don’t LOVE all of yourself, you can never BE all that LOVE is and you will always be imprisoned by the illusion of being something you are not, which is apart from LOVE…

just LOVE…
“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off
a portion of one’s being,
but by integration of the contraries.”
~ Carl Jungquote-love-is-the-name-for-our-pursuit-of-wholeness-for-our-desire-to-be-complete-plato-91-47-56

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