One Purpose for Fear…

This is one reason being as fear is a needed experience, as BEING the LOVE we are, we remember…

In fear out of the ego’s insecurity we will try to make people happy because we want everyone to like us (by the way this is not a realistic thing to want) – which may feel like loving empathy, but in truth is narcissism.

As you are not really wanting for the others happiness first, but selfishly just your own – which you will not from this vain way of being find.

While as LOVE, you will want for others happiness, only because “you” truly from a state of pure empathy, their happiness – which due to the fact that you gave without expectation of getting, your own happiness you will get.

But I also observe that once one has grown beyond their fear, insecurity and narcissism, the experience of wanting to please even though for selfish reasons, will have served them well, as they move to being LOVE, acting unselfishly – for they will have honed the skills needed to be a selfless giver.

So even when immersed in our frightened shadow self, we are receiving the lessons needed to help us shine when we emerge to the light of our LOVE.

“Our compassion and acts of selflessness
take us to the deeper truths.”
~ Amma93cdc7c60d0366ffa6a19a75630868a5

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